I’m giving myself a B+ in “Early 90s Video Art” #videoart #namjunpaik #videodrome
rich glitches #glitchart #glitch #videoart #datamoshing
Getting some nice glitch patterns out of the broken obelisk
This was on my grandparents’ living room table for many years. My aunt recently passed it on to me.
nice rhythm as I was driving around
Friday night at @subzerofestival
Video with audio from Delphi at SubZERO #soundart #videoart #multimediaart
The final setup of Delphi at SubZERO. #videoart #sanjose #multimediaart
I attached some contact mics to a bouquet of big balloons and let people bang on ‘em. They were a hit. I like making things that let little kids get involved in the art. #soundart
While loading the big screen tv for Delphi I cracked the screen in multiple places. Useless as an actual monitor it ended up making some rad glitch patterns so I left it up as part of the installation. Most people thought it was intentional. Fine with that.
Nice grouping and a spot by the door. I have these 4 photos in a group show at my art studio complex, The Citadel. They’ll be up Saturday and Sunday.
Question of the day
Balloon audio test for the Delphi prelude
Power and signal routing ready. Fabrication is done. This is the main visual engine for Delphi.
A key element of Delphi is finished.
Four freshly framed photos ready for the group show at my art studio this weekend.