wolf test
morning horizons
I had a portfolio review the other day and someone wanted to know how I made these videos, implying doubt in the process. Not sure if they though I was lifting content or letting apps do all the work. I don’t know any software capable of generating this out of the box. I’ve been fucking around with video since the late 80s. Used every kind of technique I could find to bend and shape visuals. Apps on a phone are just the latest in multi-decade stream of tools and workflows I’ve used. I make all this footage. The editing and layering are intentional aesthetic decisions. Some of these clips go through 5-10 generations of signal filters from multiple contexts, including external tools. All this audio is original. If anybody else is producing video clips that resemble these I would be thrilled to know about them so could I make friends and share techniques.
Timelapse footage from drives through Jacmel, Haiti #haiti #gopro #timelapse
orange morning
Guy on the ground staring at the guy who climbed the tall wall at City Hall
orange mornings
Delphi at @artwalksj #videoart #soundart #installationart #sanjose #bayareaartist
Embers is now at @sanjoseica after getting some new diffusers and an electronics refresh. They will be featuring it tomorrow night for First Friday.
It was moving day for Embers. After 2 years in the fantastic care of @kaleidgallery and staff, it is now on loan to the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Photos of its new temporary home coming tomorrow.
round 3
Delphi - large scale multimedia installation
This Friday night on 1st Street in downtown San Jose
Beautiful weather, chill crowd, free
@artwalksj @subzerofestival #videoart #soundart #newmediaart #sanjose
round 2
more video wirk for other folks. maybe too much going on in this one. #videoart #musicvideo
Tomography Fortunae sound check at Outsound
Testing my performance rig for @norcalnoisefest The wheel in the background has magnets on the spokes that trigger noise loops on a #raspberrypi It’s pretty loud with all the amps
accidentally found an amazing event @sfartbookfair
ice test
another old string donation. probably ukelele.
test for a new commission