I’ll have a bunch of multimedia work at the @contentmag #content_pup party tomorrow night. San Jose Improv Theater in dwntwn SJ. 7-9:30. $10
Full power test of 3 different setups, getting read for Wednesday. I’ll be at the @contentmag pick-up party for issue 11.2 “Device”, which I’m featured in. I’ll have a bunch of multimedia running that night. San Jose Improv Theater on 2nd st. 7-9:30, $10 #sanjose #sanjoseca #408creates #newmediaartists #videoart #interactiveart #content_pup
First prototype of Embers hanging on a stand for repairs an upgrades
Blank Sinatra
A generous wizard gave me this wondrous contraption, a large format vinyl cutter.
Pulled out Embers v1 and MaCHinE to get them ready for the @contentmag pick-up party. Everything still works but a refresh is in order.
nobody puts @xcellistax in the background
Different wire supports used on the skeletons in the Body Works exhibit at @thetechmuseum #diy #museums #bones
Had a danceoff with death to get ready for the show tonight by @containhermusic @xcellistax and @nrvslvrs
Stoked to be featured in the upcoming issue of @contentmag . There’s a “pick-up” party for the issue on April 24 at the San Jose Improv Theater. I’ll have some recent multimedia pieces for people to experience. #content_pup #pixel3xl
blade magnet sensor test success
Saturday night working on the sensor blade for the Wheel of Misfortune
@empointzero closing out at @opensourcesv magazine event #southfirstfridays
@austinthecairns performing at @opensourcesv event #southfirstfridays
Ètude for Time Clock in D flat #soundart
back to life
Fail, Retry, Abort?
Embers has died and gone to glitch heaven. Long live Embers.
new macro glitch work #videoart