bridge sequence
biohorror title screen
sunset in the slow lane
little girl’s devil from telephone pictionary tonight. maybe next album cover
Building a new sound toy out of an old Camel box
voice alignment
found ur safe deposit box. dm for deets
Mars Rover Discovers Lost Bicycle Seat Colony
Alma, Ga. mid-70s. In my left hand I’m holding a “grunting stick”. You put in the ground and rub the top with a shovel so it vibrates. The vibrations make worms come out of the ground. Used it to collect bait for bream fishing in ponds. This stick worked best so I posed with it. #oldschool #countrylife
multi strobe test
strobe test
wolf test with new power setup. getting very close now
Making #arduino beeps with apples during a studio visit with young cousins
Wolf Rider One™️ ready for xxxxtreem radicalz street trialz #videoprojection #streetart
I donated one of the framed prints from my Grounded series to the @workssanjose fundraiser. Silent auction going to December 7.
same #worklife #commithistory #git
Reason #46 to date a tech artist: he has a bunch of rad lighting equipment in his studio, ready for Halloween. btw, peanut butter Snickers bars are a thing. #halloween #halloweendecor #halloween🎃 #idothisallyear