I was born in the Southeastern United States, into a nomadic life. I lived all over the South and cross-country to California. My first photos were of my friends skateboarding, capturing ephemeral expressions of being alive.

As a photojournalism student at San Francisco State, covering the Rodney King Riots brought a deep understanding of the power of still images. A few years later, I ended up back in the South, finishing school at the Atlanta College of Art. It was there that I was exposed to much broader possibilities of what photography can be.

I spent the next few decades drifting from journalism to fine art, and then back again. I’ve exhibited sporadically, mostly in group shows, and have been published nationally. My newspaper work earned 14 awards from the Louisiana and South Carolina Press Associations, covering everything from hurricanes to Presidential campaigns.

Throughout that time, I nurtured a variety of documentary projects ranging from Southern culture to American society in general.

I recently taught photography workshops to street children in Jacmel, Haiti over the course of four years. It was a transformative experience and taught me to embrace my own cultural and emotional life in photography and digital art.

I live in San Jose, CA and continue to grow as an artist and visual storyteller.