American Way

Begin slideshow

In the months after 9/11, the U.S. was saturated with punditry on 'what America means'. I decided to find out for myself. This project is the result of a 3 month cross-country journey, living out of my truck and making images along the way. It ended up being a very personal and transformative experience.

Shooting gallery
Patriotic t-shirts
Lovin it
Pink lady
New Echota
Bliss, UT
Waving clown
Truckstop church
Shop n Save strike
God bless america sign
Chinatown mural
Dunk tank
Oklahoma bombing memorial
Firefighter clown
Hotel elevator
Nashville sidewalk
Tucson warehouse
Pork skins
M-36 bomb
Elvis birthplace museum
George Bush pool
Sari bathroom
Fashion District
Finance buildings
Petroleum Museum portraits
Fashion show
Office balloons
Graceland monkey
Lamb cage
Roadside memorial
Northern California
Mt. Lemmon fire
Chicago mirror
Venice Beach girls
Market street
American Way