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Collected here are key images from over 20 years as a photojournalist, working for newspapers in Atlanta, New Orleans, Charleston, and San Francisco.

Boxing in Charleston
Zero divebombing Yorktown
Slidell house fire
Obama 2008 campaign
Mustang accident
Last shrimper
Lowcountry High Rollers
Quinceañera laugh
Candlelight procession
Charleston Ballet
Aztec dancer
Bumblebee and Poison Ivy
Genrevolta crowd surf
Joe Buck
Frady kickflip
Ashley Harwood
Rick Avrett
Mary May
Austen Norvell
Doris DIxon
Miss Martha
Carlton Simmons
Sean Ahern
Upperdeck couple
Jeff Tweedy, WIlco
Rodney King riots
Soccer loss
St. Anne's Home dinner time
St. Anne's medication time
Future Fest
Roadside heart attack
Charleston Nine, Sofa Super Store fire
Hope action change
Union Point DUI
Bluesteins suit
Captain Mark Brown
Fresh Cuts on King Street
Pearl River bayou fire
Demolished skatepark
Petaluma horse girl
Father time and new year