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I got my start in photography taking pictures of my friends skateboarding in San Jose, CA. This collects photos from 1987 to 2012, but they're mostly from the late 80s. The group near the end are of Tony Henry, a constant companion at the time.

Brandon ramp ollie
Sean cops
Guerrero end racism
Uvas boneless
William Nguyen minramp ollie
Brett garage bomb
Scott ollie
Hip ollie
Houge frontside
Brandon miniramp ollie
Backside boneless
Joe Conti quarterpipe
Quarterpipe disaster
Jun bank ollie
Templeton hip ollie
Templeton ramp ollie
Darren frontside
Danny no-comply
Justin tailslide
Derby boneless
Pool grind
Presenko Raging Waters
Ramp sweeper
Vallely ramp transfer
Tony San Jose sign portrait
Tony handrail downtown
Tony kickflip
Tony at the Fountain
High boardslide
Tony San Fran rail
Capitola ramp ollie
Tony and Dave
Tony stale grab
Carlton puddle ollie
Fred reeves backside smith
Thomas ramp ollie
Clyde stair 180
Jon hippe jump
Jon Horne lien to tail