Between 2011 and 2016 I taught photography workshops to street kids as a team leader with Zanmi Lakay, in Jacmel, Haiti. The students taught me as much as I taught them. These images come from four years of getting to know the country and its people.

Church acolyte
Window portrait
Moto driver
Zel artist
Sidewalk scene
Bulls on street
Close shave
Soccer ballet
Domino players
Cockfight betting
Countryside cockfight
Boys with bird
Jumprope push
Grandmother hair combing
Family moto
Iron Market
Green doors
Fishing boat
Relighting torches
Amounou flambeau
Flambeau girl
Flambeau troupe lighting torches
Flambeau troupe
Women dancing
Kanaval alligators
Green boy horn
Mask eye
Krapo boy
Atibruno troupe
Arawak indian troupe
Chaloska troupe
Monster boy
Arawak indians
Lanse Kòd
Gwo Tet monkey
Gwo Tet scares girl
Water for people in masks
Walking fish
Political trumpeters
Kite flier
Bassin Bleu girl
Alliance francais night
Mural soccer
Mausoleum painter
Funeral priest
Voudou ceremony
Cyvadier baptism
Chairs in Cayes Jacmel
River donkeys
Political rally
Sawing planks from trees
Bottle sorting
Heavy load
Bottle soccer
Haitian skateboarder
Fosaj breakdancer
Playing with snake
Snake handler in Jacmel
Man on mosaic
Cemetery jump
Pinchinat girl
After school
Mask painter
Storefront woman
Father and son
Red house on the road to Cyvadier